If you would like to schedule a first session at Mt. Hood Counseling Service, please call us at 503-668-5494.

Psychological and Counseling Services are intended to:

  • Serve persons from preschool through geriatric age ranges.
  • Perform psychological assessment and evaluations for learning, sensory/developmental, mental health, disability, forensic, alcohol and substance abuse, cognitive/intellectual, memory, and personality issues.
  • Provide psychotherapy and counseling for emotional, behavioral, and trauma/abuse concerns for the individual (adult, adolescent, and child), couple, family, and group.
  • Offer psycho-education for management of stress, conflict, anger, anxiety, mood, depression, attention, hyperactivity, compulsive behaviors, parenting, interpersonal communication, pain, and spiritual/existential issues.
  • Train the person to integrate and practice the essential principles for personal freedom to change, grow, and develop as a person throughout life for a more fulfilling life.
  • Enlighten the person’s awareness of “self” – “other” and the stages of emotional interpersonal maturity development.
  • Collaborate with other medical and allied medical providers in the care of the whole person physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

Patient Forms:
If you have already contacted us, please print and fill out the patient forms on the right, prior to your first visit. 

These forms can also be provided for you at the time of your first appointment if you prefer, just be sure to arrive at least twenty minutes ahead of time to complete the registration process. 

Mt. Hood Counseling Service is in-network for most providers (including OHP).